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ReEngagement Email: What You Need to Know

Posted by Carrie Schmeck on Dec 15, 2016 3:25:29 PM

ReEngagement Email with Offer Now Required

Did you know? Black Bear Diner led its industry peers in eClub growth and open rates in 2016! Part of this robust growth and engagement came from maintaining fresh, healthy eClub lists.

In April 2016, we “cleaned” our lists. That is, we removed members who had not opened a BBD email in over a year. The net dip of nearly 17,000 members was alarming, but as you will see, robust growth quickly followed.


To preserve this list strength, we added a regular maintenance, or Re-Engagement, email offer campaign to our required Welcome and Birthday mailings, starting in December 2016.

Who will get the re-engagement emails?

List members who have not opened an email in 12 months + 1 day will receive the email. If they click Yes to stay on the list, they get the $2 offer, good for two weeks from the day we send it.ReEngagementEmail.png


We expect very low redemptions of this offer, but your teams should be aware they exist and know how to honor them.

Please redeem the offers by scanning the barcode or manually through Fishbowl > Promo.

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