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Posted by Carrie Schmeck on May 18, 2017 12:18:04 PM

4 Ways to Achieve eMail Consistency

Your eClub list is like family. They want to hear from you. Of course you don't want to bombard them with email, but you don't want to be off their radars either. Finding balance is key. And then, once you find that balance, maintaining it is important. Here are four ways to help you plan for consistent email communication.

  1. PlanQuote4Blog.jpgMake a plan. Our home office sends at least two brand-driven emails per month. Franchise diners should plan to add another two per month of their own. To ensure they really happen, plot time on a monthly calendar to set them up.
  2. Think outside the food. Brand-driven emails sent from the home office generally focus on highlighting menu items. Your diner might hold special event nights, have a meeting room groups can reserve, support local schools through fundraisers, or have a large screen TV for big games. These are all valuable pieces of information for which you can build compelling email messages.
  3. Assign someone to do it. Setting up eblasts using a Fishbowl template is relatively simple but requires basic computer skills and some imagination. Who on your team might enjoy this task? Who has good ideas about what your guests might want to know? Task them with plotting at least two emails per month.
  4. Hold them accountable. Make sure emails are set up and the information in them is shared with the rest of your team.

For help getting started with Fishbowl email templates, contact Marketing.



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