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Custom eMail Messages

Posted by Carrie Schmeck on May 30, 2017 5:04:21 PM


Create Your Own eBlasts in Minutes

Tell guests about your special events with this simple-to-use email template that allows you to customize both the image and the message. Use this template to promote:

  • Diner specials
  • Fundraising events
  • Contests
  • Special events
  • More!

Read on to discover how. 



In Fishbowl, start a mailing.

Choose this Generic template.


You will see this.


Name your mailing.
Add a subject line (what your guest will see).
Then, click the red pen icon. 


Choose Image Manager. 


 Double-click the Approved Food or Event Images folder.


Select the image or graphic you prefer.
Double-click or select Insert.

Choose a send date and schedule your mailing.

150x250 blog graphics (1).png

 And that's it! Your email will be forwarded to the Marketing department for review.*

Build an eBlast NOW

*Please submit at least three days before your planned send date.

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